What goes into your Future blueprint

My Future blueprints are created by hand, by real live investment advisors from Vestory. WE ask you to confidentially share information on your investments. WE then research those investments to determine their Type, internal asset allocation, past performance, and fee structure. The figures are then presented in an understandable graphic format that starts with your overall portfolio asset allocation:


We drill further down into the various investment types to provide greater detail of your equity and fixed income positions. This is when we discover that most investors are overweighted in large company U.S. growth stocks and have too little in histrorically better returning asset classes LIke Small companies and value stocks:

Another important feature of my future Blueprint is our expense audit. We show you how much you are paying for your mutual funds and whether or not you were charged a commission when you purchased the investments. Very few know how much they have been paying for investment services:

Your Blueprint concludes with an action plan from your advisor so you have the information you need to move forward. Plus, we take time to personally explain your blueprint either in person, at one of our offices, or by phone. There is never any obligation and vestory does not practice the typical high-pressure sales tactics of most financial firms. We are financial educators first, Portfolio managers second.

My Future Blueprint
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